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Cantiere del Pardo

The history of Cantiere del Pardo began in Bologna in 1974. Their ambitious objective was to produce regatta
boats that combined the best possible performance with elegant and innovative design.
Now Grand Soleil’s timeless style is celebrating 35 years of history. 35 years in which these boats have left their
mark on a fundamental chapter in the history of modern sailing. For years, Cantiere del Pardo has been creating
yachts with care and passion, each one unique, thus establishing the company as one of the top producers
worldwide. Because the Grand Soleil yachts are an icon of 'Made in Italy' style.



Cantiere del Pardo’s success is linked to several boats and also to several designers who have made a profound
impact on the sector. The company has always relied on the top designers of the moment to develop designs with
great personality, characterised by their excellent performance and unmistakable elegance. These distinguishing
features make the Grand Soleil yachts icons of style and elegance. Today, the Grand Soleil brand epitomises an
explicit lifestyle, embodied by a genuine passion for the sea, design, technology and innovation.

1974: launch of the Grand Soleil 34 designed by the French Groupe Finot, one of the most important boat design
firms in the world.
1985: launch of the Grand Soleil 343, a “small big boat”, in which solutions from bigger boats were applied to a
model which was only 34 foot long.
1987: collaboration with one of the most famous international boat designers results in the GS 52.
The Argentinian German Frers sets his seal to the first of three designs created for Cantiere del Pardo.
1992: a year of collaboration with the most famous sailing icon in the world: the New Zealand “magician” Bruce
Farr, who provided the design for the 64 Maxi One. It is the shipyard’s most prestigious calling card.
1997: The Slovenian designer Japec Jakopin (J&J) creates the Grand Soleil 46.3, marking the beginning of almost
a decade of successes with the designs for the 37 and 43 models, two of Cantiere del Pardo’s historical boats.
2000: the company philosophy focuses on the production of very high performance cruising/racing boats.
The GS 40 makes its debut and becomes world and European IMS champion in Class C2. The project is created
by Massimo Paperini.
2004: The Botin & Carkeek era begins with the Grand Soleil 37, a boat which has enjoyed continuous success:
twice in just four years, the GS 37 has been World Champion, European, Italian and Spanish Champion.
2007: The GS 54 makes its debut at the International Boatshow in Genoa, and is immediately declared “Boat of
the Year”. Designed by Luca Brenta, it has exclusive details and technology, just as a custom yacht should do.

T-keel technology


The new Grand Soleil 46 has been designed with performance in mind, as a boat which is great fun to sail and
which is very competitive for the wide variety of regatta regulations. The study of the appendage package has
satisfied these requirements without compromising the predefined objectives of the designers in any way.
The results of the fluid dynamic research show that the T-shaped bulb keel configuration is the most competitive
choice. For a fast cruising boat with relatively low draught, this option offers the best compromise between a high
righting moment and good performance in all conditions.  For those not willing to sacrifice performance, on the
other hand, the deep draught option enables a substantial increase in speed, thanks to the higher righting moment
and the larger sail area option.
Over the years, all the top performance boats, from the America’s Cup , to the Volvo 70 to the TP 52, have expe-
rimented with T-shaped bulb keel appendage solutions similar to those on the Grand Soleil 46.

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